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Very Good Looking and Working Included: Having originally purchased their movements from various sources, in the firm decided to establish their own movement making facility. A hardware shop was moved onto a piece of land owned by the firm and veteran clockmaker Anson L. Atwood set up and managed the movement department for Ingraham for some years. Elias Ingraham designed a variety of popular cases and case features for the firm, receiving 17 patents between and Edward had also received an important patent in for a method of applying black enamel paint Japan to wooden clock cases. Using this method to produce cheaper imitations of French marble mantel clocks was a great success. In , the firm had its first great expansion with the erection of a foot long, 4 story case shop. A new office building and movement shop was built between and The name of the company actually changed six times, which provides important information for collectors seeking to date an antique E.

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It produced millions of clocks in the period between , its year of incorporation, and , the year the company went into receivership and sold its remaining assets to Soviet Russia. Here is a brief timeline describing the events leading to the formation of the Ansonia Clock Company and to its ultimate demise. Phelps had rather humble beginnings. He later moved to Hartford and went into business for himself as a merchant and a shrewd trader. He bartered saddles for cotton from South Carolina and then sold the cotton in New York.

With the proceeds from the cotton sales he purchased dry goods to sell back in his Hartford store.

The antique collector, on the other hand, looks at tall-case clocks as complicated objects, for which the person who made the works and case are usually different. The third part of the equation of value is the originality of the whole design.

Even his grandfather Nikolaus Winterhalder made quality Black Forest clocks with wooden cogs and weights from stones. Company in expansion[ edit ] The next generation, i. All partners of that company where brothers or cousins to each other. At that time the firm had including homeworkers about employees and a turnover of one million Mark. War was anticipated by his customers. So Linus Winterhalder agreed in the UK in London with his customers to grant a delay of payments from one month to three months.

Orders then came in. For his exports he got no more payments as soon as World War I began. The company was in financial danger.

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Apply to Join Online Galleries offers a comprehensive range of antique clocks for sale via our pool of over specialist antique dealers. Updated on a daily basis, our website provides a fabulous selection of antique clocks and vintage clocks, as well as retro clock and novelty clock designs that are available now to complete your interior design scheme.

Our Antique Clocks category includes a multitude of clock styles, from antique wall clocks and ornate carriage clocks, through to grand longcase and regulator style time pieces. Although Online Galleries may be home to hundreds of antique clocks for sale at any one time, with featured products updated on a daily basis, searching for that perfect antique clock is straightforward with our search facility.

Age The first longcase clocks in England, where the form was born, were produced about Spring-wound table clocks and weight-driven wall clocks had been made for a couple of centuries prior to this, but they were not particularly reliable timekeepers and it was the invention of the long pendulum in (requiring a long case) that created a breakthrough in accuracy, and coincidentally.

Your guide to antique pottery marks, porcelain marks and china marks Dating Antique Clocks Tips to help you estimate the age and date of your antique clock. Dating Antique Clocks can be an exact science providing you have the right reference books and the proper experience. Like knowing when certain features were introduced or certain materials became available. A few simple things that can point you in the right direction and at the correct period for your antique wall clock, advertising clock or bracket clock.

The construction of various parts can and will help in dating your antique clock. Specifically the style and type of clock hand and the dial, both of which have varied over time. Even the type of material used to construct your antique clock movement can help, or discovering when chimes were introduced and the type of chime used. It provided a safe alternative to the hazardous use of mercury in gilding metals, which was banned c The first American patent issued for a calendar movement was in Up until then hand cast and finished brass movements were very expensive.

Adamantine celluloid veneer was patented in Belgian born scientist Dr. Leo Baekeland, founded the Bakelite Corporation around Dating the Antique Clock Hands c — minute hands were introduced to longcase clocks.

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Seth Thomas Wall Clock, ca. When I was growing up, this clock hung in my grandma’s dining room. She lived up north in Cadillac, Michigan.

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Flint The creation of tools utilizing the natural environment is what distinguishes man from animal. What was once created using stone, wood, and bone has, over the centuries, evolved into metalworking and modern-day plastics. But it is the earliest tools, those carved from stone, which allowed mankind to conquer the natural environment and to prosper. Holding this flint arrowhead in our hand, delicately carved to a fine point thousands of years ago, we are holding the nascent breath of civilization.

Tools allowed mankind to utilize his natural setting to its fullest potential, to altar the surroundings to suite his needs, and to create his own collective habitats that would eventually evolve into great cities. An arrowhead head like this one, when tied securely to a wooden shaft, could have been used to fell a fleeing prey or to spear a fish. As well, the delicate serrated edge could be used to cut and prepare the meat for cooking.

This stone arrowhead represents the innate human drive to altar the environment, to innovate, and to conquer. It is in these earliest tools that we are able to witness the birth of civilization. From such tools, mankind learned to carve stones and rocks into new shapes and forms that suited the needs of the people evolving from arrowheads to temples.

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Don’t worry — your e-mail address is totally secure. I promise to use it only to send you Clock Collecting Tips. There are so many styles and types of clocks, made by so many clock makers and from so many countries, that I was totally lost. Over many years, I have learned a lot. I have concentrated on the American clock companies for my collection, so there is much for me to learn about clocks from outside the US.

In the s, the company turned its attention to grandfather clocks, eventually earning the company the title of “World’s Largest Grandfather Clock Manufacturer.” In , Howard Miller began creating collectors cabinets with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship inherent in their clockmaking.

Help Center Incomparable workmanship. A quest for perfection. Miller insisted on when he founded the company back in , at the age of Even then, Howard Miller understood the need to create products that would be steeped in quality and value. He expected nothing less than the best. And it was only under those strict conditions that he allowed his name to grace every clock manufactured at our sprawling facility in Zeeland, Michigan.

Howard Miller was schooled in the fine art of clockmaking by his father, Herman, in the Black Forest region of Germany. Howard developed into a visionary whose keen sense of innovation spawned a tradition of excellence that has been uncompromised through three generations. While the early years focused on the manufacture of chiming wall and mantel clocks, Howard Miller also produced trend-setting avant garde clocks that stand today in collectors’ galleries. In the s, the company turned its attention to grandfather clocks, eventually earning the company the title of “World’s Largest Grandfather Clock Manufacturer.

Fashioned from glass and hardwoods, the cabinets are ideal for displaying heirlooms, plates, glassware and other collectibles. As part of the company’s continuing effort to bring customers only the best in handcrafted products, Howard Miller recently acquired three companies: The Hekman Furniture Company produces a strong cadre of carefully sculpted hardwood pieces that range from 18th and 19th Century reproductions, to contemporary products featuring fine metals and exotic woods.

The Woodmark Company makes fine upholstered pieces.

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We will shortly be downsizing and reduced prices are indicated on certain clocks. All reasonable offers will be considered The Ye Olde Clock Shop from David and Liz Cox offers a selection of antique clocks and barometers dating from to in the heart of Staffordshire yet being 1 mile from Junction 13 of the M6 Some people take the view that owning an antique clock is really preserving it as an investment for future generations and the present owner is really its “keeper”.

The cherished Longcase Grandfather clocks on this site have now passed through many families and generations of people throughout the UK. It is interesting to speculate what historical events and conversations they have witnessed in their long lives. Quality Longcase Grandfather clocks are tipped as among the best assets available for investment purposes and upon resale they are entirely free from Capital Gains Tax.

They are one of the most desireable possessions a person can have – appreciate their beauty and craftsmanship and enjoy the soothing tick sound they bring to the home.

Junghans clocks were made from until the early-twentieth century by the German company Junghans Uhren GmbH.. Brief history. The company was founded in by Erhard Junghans and his brother-in-law Jakob Zeller-Tobler, in the town of Schramberg, located in .

T Summary exciting find because not only is it complete and very original throughout, but it was possibly made at the very end of Richard Savage’s career as he died in This example is another variant to the many types of hour clocks that we already knew Richard made during his forty plus years as a professional clockmaker which includes Lantern, hooded, longcase, and square dial hook-and-spike clocks.

We can now add round dial hook-and-spike clocks to the list. F or me the round dial hook-and-spike wall clock illustrated here is a very I Home he clock was discovered several years ago by Mr James Gilmartin of Edinburgh who had purchased the clock during a house clearance in the north east of Scotland. The then owner was a lady who had previously inherited the clock from her family which originated from the midlands.

She had no knowledge of the clocks history other than remembering that her parents who had also inherited the clock from within the family had it hanging in their hallway when she was a child. Given that the clock is in an exceptionally original untouched condition and is complete with all of its original accessories, it is very possible that the clock has been owned by the same midlands family for centuries or perhaps even from new?

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Antique Wall Clocks Antique clocks, and antique clock identification, cover a wide spectrum of information ranging from the first collectible clock made in the sixteenth century, the lantern clock, to the clocks of the early twentieth century. Although the odds of finding an original lantern clock at a local tag sale or auction are practically nil, the possibility of finding a late nineteenth century Ansonia mantle clock or a Gustav Becker weight driven wall clock from the same era are real possibilities.

Be careful, there is also the possibility that the clock you find may be a reproduction or a marriage. Using the Maker’s Name or Company Name to Identify an Antique Clock Throughout the centuries, thousands and thousands of clocks have been made by a countless number of clockmakers and manufacturing companies in numerous styles and designs.

Still there are certain things to look for on a clock to help identify it and the time period when it was made. Check the clock for the name of the clock maker or company name.

Antique French Empire Marble Clock JF-Medalle Beautiful speckled green marble Empire styled mantel clock dating the the 19th century. Solid marble with heavy.

Tall case or grandfather clocks had their start when Christian Huygens, a Dutch scientist, applied the pendulum as the controlling element of a timepiece in , inspired by the need for an accurate timekeeper to be used in making astronomical observations. The application of the pendulum to clocks revolutionized clockmaking and brought to timekeeping an accuracy that up to this time was impossible to achieve. However, it was the invention of the anchor escapement by William Clement, an Englishman in , using a “seconds” pendulum, 39 inches long and vibrating through a small arc, that cleared the way for making the weight and pendulum tall case clock practical.

This invention plus another, the dead beat escapement, invented by George Graham in , brought about the basic clock design that few could improve on for nearly two centuries. Fundamentally, these clocks consisted of four parts: The weight, the source of power; the train, which transmitted the downward pull of the weight into the rotary velocity; the escapement, which transmitted the rotary velocity of the train into intermittent–or periodic–motion; and the pendulum, the controlling element associated with the intermittent motion of the escapement.

The theory behind this was that the force of a weight is constant, while the force of spring may vary with its tension. Finally, a tall case provided for the full fall of the weight. It was decided that the beginning and end of a week was a time not likely to be forgotten. One day was added for safety. Thus, the 8-day clock. There was ample room in the tall case to permit the weight of full drop for that length of time without complicating matters with additional wheels.

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There are several techniques you can use to identify a Seth Thomas clock, from the unique date stamp to the trademark symbol. Research the history of Seth Thomas clocks. There are a number of guides you can browse online that note specific makes and models of Seth Thomas clocks throughout history. Many of these guides come with pictures you can study to help identify your timepiece visually.

You do need to be careful, however, as imitators often created similar pieces. Knowing distinguishing characteristics will help you weed out the phonies from the originals.

Find out what dealers and collectors have actually paid for antique grandfather, mantel or wall clocks like yours. Covers American, European and Continental clocks of all types. We have 37, antique clock prices, images and descriptions as of October 22,

My Cuckoo Has Gone Cuckoo! Troubleshooting Common Cuckoo Clock Issues Nothing speaks of German ingenuity like the noisy confusion of a cuckoo clock with its gears, doors, bellows, chains, music boxes and other moving parts. Stopping Pendulum This often happens if a clock is not hanging evenly. If it turns out that the clock is even and making a regular ticking sound, then the problem is probably inside the clock.

If a clock has been moved recently, the weight chains might have become dislocated. A stopping pendulum can also mean that the gears are not able to move freely and may need cleaning. A can of compressed air from the office supply store can blow away any loose dirt and lint without the risk of breaking anything. Cuckoos rarely need oiling, but hot and dry environments can affect them over time.

A very dirty or corroded clock mechanism may need more intensive care or, if worst comes to worst, replacement. Cuckoo Is Not in Time Does your little bird coo-coo the wrong number of times on the hour? Or maybe he sticks his head out the door a few minutes early? If a cuckoo is singing out the wrong hour, it means the hour hand needs re-positioning. This involves gently pulling the hand away from the clock face with pointy pliers and turning it to the correct hour, before pressing it back in place.

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