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He was a keen plantsman: The ennoblement of the ignoble I find specially moving. This deeply personal paragraph is also a value thesis: Lust for the Silmarils — jewels embalming the light of the trees of Valinor — destroys solidarity amongst the Elves. Tales of remarkable heroism fill the pages of The Silmarillion but the bravery of the Elves cannot repair the ever-renewing fracturing provoked by lust for the jewels. What is the difference between gardens and jewels? Unlike the Silmarils, gardens must be tended.

Elven Maiden

If you look closely at the Gargoyles that adorn the Magdalen College buildings, one can see goblins, orcs, wargs and dragons! Oxford has roots reaching into the eleventh century and Magdalen Tower is one of the oldest parts of Magdalen College, Oxford, situated directly on High Street. Built of stone that dates back to , when the foundation stone was laid in place, its bells were hung in , and the full tower completed by Magdalen Tower is an important element of the Oxford skyline.

At feet 44 m high, it represents the tallest building in Oxford. It dominates the eastern entrance to the city, towering over Magdalen Bridge and with good views from the Botanic Garden opposite.

Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom (born 13 January ) is an English actor. After having his breakthrough as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, he rose to fame by further appearing in epic fantasy, historical epic, and fantasy adventure films.

I leave this post here for archival purposes, and may do an up-dated LOTR chart in the future. With the The Hobbit: I admit not every one of these characters fit perfectly where I put them. I do mention them in the discussion below. You can take his test here , or try out an online test that will give you an idea of your Myers-Briggs type here or here. This makes ESTJs quick to express their ideas, usually in the form of judgements and measurable goals.

Gondor needs no king. Aragorn may be an exception. Like ESTJs, this makes them interested in preserving old ways of doing things and resistant to change. For Aragorn, you can see this in his conflict about whether to take his rightful place as king or leave things the way they are. As an auxiliary function, Te manifests itself as a tendency for ISTJs to think out loud and share their ideas and plans. They like order and control, and this helps make Aragorn an efficient and effective leader.

Starting to sound like a hobbit?

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My husband loves the Lord of the Rings. Could it be because it is in the first 20 minutes of the film? That and those Hobbits know how to party! Dancing, music, food, fun, speeches, paper lantern decorations, Squeeeeee!!! That totally caught my attention and excitement watching the film with the hubs this time around or my attempt to watch it.

LotR nerds with a penchant for sleeves will want to get these full-color, % cotton Lord of the Rings long-sleeve graphic tees from Nerd Kung Fu.

Twitter At least twice a year without fail, I end up needing a sick day. So what exactly is it about our favorite fellowship that provides the warm and fuzzies when my head is otherwise… warm and fuzzy? Book-to-film adaptations in general okay, the good ones, anyway are my go to when it comes to comfort media precisely because I can do this without feeling guilty; I know these plots inside and out, line by line, each shaky step etched into my brain.

In fact, these themes are exactly why sappy romances are so popular; they touch on ideals and insecurities in the same blow, and perhaps more importantly, provide a reasonable means of escapism from reality through relatable turmoil. I, for one, would much rather be Aragorn during a romantic dream-state rendezvous with Arwen than a fever-ridden fan struggling to stay awake during a trilogy marathon shower break.

Thinly veiled metaphors of European political collapse through eclectic prose, mystical beings, and Agincourt-reminiscent battle sequences? Maybe, literature and war — and the endless ways that the two are intertwined in a constant dance of conflict and redefinition — simply fascinate me. Or, maybe, the Lord of the Rings franchise managed to resonate with all of these things, without actually forcing any theme as a singularity — leaving a completely different opportunity for takeaway altogether.

For sick, little old me, the greatest comfort I seek out while trapped under my heavy duvet is the safety of nostalgia. He, along with every valiant character that stands by his side, conveys with them a sad longing to return to what was — which in turn creates some of the most passionate, desire-driven characterization one could want. Find that geeky significant other in your life.

Elven life cycle

He owns a publishing company in Santa Monica, Perceval Press, which puts out volumes of his own painting, poetry, and Ansel Adams-ish photography — you name it, he dabbles in it — along with a slate of works by other artists and scholars. A typical new title, Dreams Before Extinction, by the Iranian artist Naeemeh Naeemaei, consists of 12 paintings of endangered species with facing text in two languages.

Aragorn was a life-changing role for him — the one that made him world-famous, and a bankable star.

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Lord Eldacar Hello friends! Essentially in Middle-Earth, only three factions have ships worth mentioning: We’ve had visual representation of the Elven and Corsair vessels so far: Most pictures of Elven vessels portray a constant design for these craft. The Elven vessel here is typical of this, and appears to be a more built-up longship-style design, perhaps drawing influence from Roman round-ships.

The size of the bow and stern seems warranted for weathering the waves of the open Belegaer. The thing is, while fast in calm waters, this type of craft gave way and foundered in any sort of swell. So the decision to increase the freeboard makes sense, as the Bay of Belfalas wasn’t nearly as sheltered as the Mediterannean. In Gondor, a great many types of ship could be claimed to have existed.

I’d argue against low-sided, primarily oared galleys such as those used by the Greeks, Romans, and later Ottomans, as those faltered anywhere outside of very calm conditions, which as I mentioned earlier, the Bay of Belfalas cannot be assumed to feature. That narrows down the choices to a very slim margin of ships given the technology of Middle-Earth, although this could be somewhat offset by the claim that Numenorean shipbuilding techniques, being advanced, were passed down in Gondor, if a little diminished.

Given the combination of technology, weather conditions Gondorians could have used ships like this Caravel for war and trade. It’s concievable that ships like this would have been used as Flagships or important warships, especially if they were constructed somewhere with high Numenorean influence, like Dol Amroth or Pelargir.

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I love super-talented individuals. They’re sooo exciting to be around. A great smile gets me every time. A rough, moody look.

Elijah Jordan Wood (born January 28, ) is an American actor, voice actor, film producer, and DJ. He is best known for his portrayal of Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy (–03).

Jenny Dolfen – Family picture Elves are born about one year after their begetting. Monogamy is practised and adultery is unthinkable. The betrothal is subject to parental approval from both houses unless the parties are of age and intend to marry soon. At which point, the betrothal is announced at a meeting of the two houses, during which the couple exchange silver rings. The betrothal lasts at least a year.

A betrothal is revocable by a public return of the rings, which will then be molten, but revocation was rarely needed because “the Eldar do not err lightly” in the choice of their partner. Marriage is celebrated at a feast of the two houses. The spouses return their betrothal rings, which they keep, and receive “slender rings of gold” which are worn upon “the index of the right hand. These ceremonies and traditions were only a way for the parents to show their love and to mark a respectful recognition of the two houses which would be joined.

While it was considered “ungracious and contemptuous of kin”, in days of peace, “to forgo the ceremonies,” it was completely lawful for a couple to be married without them. Tuuliky – Lumen Melma The Elves view the sexual act as extremely special for “the union of love is indeed to them great delight and joy.

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Bees that collect honey, which none of my ancestors had ever seen or brought into the land of Suhu, I brought down from the mountain of the men of Habha, and made them settle in the orchards of the town ‘Gabbari-built-it’. They collect honey and wax, and I know how to melt the honey and wax — and the gardeners know too. Whoever comes in the future, may he ask the old men of the town, who will say thus: Beekeeping was considered a highly valued industry controlled by beekeeping overseers—owners of gold rings depicting apiculture scenes rather than religious ones as they have been reinterpreted recently, contra Sir Arthur Evans.

Orcish tennis players don’t get tennis elbow but often suffer from Orcrist.

Just as with any alphabetic writing system , every specific language written in Tengwar requires a specific orthography , depending on the phonology of that language. These Tengwar orthographies are usually called modes. Some modes follow pronunciation, while others rather follow traditional orthography. The “full writing” modes are sometimes called Beleriandic modes because a well-known “full writing” mode is called the “mode of Beleriand “.

Since the publication of the first official description of the Tengwar at the end of The Lord of the Rings , others have created modes for other languages such as English , Spanish , German , Polish , Esperanto and Lojban. Tengwar letters Edit The most notable characteristic of the Tengwar script is that the shapes of the letters correspond to the features of the sounds they represent. The letters are constructed by a combination of two basic shapes: Both vary among modes.

Each series is headed by the basic signs composed of a vertical stem descending below the line, and a single bow. These basic signs represent the voiceless stop consonants for that series. In rows of the general use, there are the following correspondences between letter shape s and manners of articulation:

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However, actor John Rhys-Davies seems to have embraced the persona of his short-statured counterpart at the start of the trilogy; surly, stubborn, and just a little bit racist. Evans may be a buff looking guy, but he’s actually a big teddy bear. He shot down the dragon that was terrorizing his town with an arrow made of black metal. The truth is, Evans takes on this persona rather reluctantly.

He has revealed himself as a softly-spoken and gentle actor, who just so happens to make an extremely convincing stereotype when he needs to.

The Fellowship is back together! It was Lord of the Rings: Return of the Cast on Monday night, as actors from the hit film franchise reunited for a happy hangout — and a fun photo. “My captain.

I saw the films in the order that they were released and I have read the Hobbit and halfway through the LotR tome. Here is a personal opinion: Watch LotR films perhaps many times each! Read the LotR book Watch the Hobbit films if the nostalgia is unbearable. Switching 2 and 3 can also be recommended. The Hobbit serves at least 2 purposes: ME is a complicated universe with its rich history, diverse geography, many races, many languages and many maps.

If you are somewhat familiar with those things, LotR the films and the book will be much easier to follow. Because they are made after LotR, the Hobbit films strive for continuity and providing fan services by bringing back many elements of the first 3 films. The score, several actors, the filming angle, certain emphatic quotes and many subtle hints for the people who have seen the first 3 films.

The problem is important elements such as the score and the characters played by the actors who have aged noticeably since the first 3 films, who have to play younger versions of the characters, and who are now given a much less rich source material to work with appear in the Hobbit trilogy as lesser versions of themselves in the LotR trilogy. So if you watch the Hobbit first, you will meet those elements for the first time in less positive light than they deserve.

Demographics of the Lord of the Rings – graphic

The Notion Club was a fantasy version of The Inklings. This fact was forcefully brought home to me by Lars Walker’s blog posting at Brandywine Books – http: But if early was the critical incident, then we need to understand the background to the incident and why it caused a rift and also understand why the rift was not repaired. The rift was due to Tolkien – as will be seen

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I love how these mush brains try to dehumanize those they disagree with. Max Landis fanboys still in awe over that half-baked little Superman video he conned actually talented people to help him make? My favorite part was the shot of a dragon flying over the city which was promptly forgotten about by everyone involved. Have you ever seen or read either of those? Josh Carter It seems to me that most critics are just angry at the fact that race relations were commented on in this movie as a subplot and not the main A-plot.

Only, this review seemed to treat the social themes as if they were the A plot main focus of the film when they simply were not. Only thematic subplots and how they rubbed the reviewer the wrong way. Incorporating these tropes in a new and interesting way is celebrating the genre, not shitting on it.

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